How to Start a Wayne County Probate Case

How to Complete Forms

Note: Financial Institution Addresses now Required on all Accounts and Inventories: MCR 5.203(D), amended effective November 15, 2005, requires that notice of a fiduciary’s suspension must be given to “…any financial institution listed on the most recent Inventory or Account where the fiduciary has deposited funds…”.  In order to comply with this directive, effective immediately, financial institution address information must be put on every Account and Inventory submitted to the Wayne County Probate Court. 

  1. Fill out the forms.  These can be printed out from this website.  Fill them out (type them or use dark ink).  Forms are also available in Room 1307 of the Court.   
  2. Make sure your forms are completely filled out.
  • Did you sign all of them?
  • Are all the interested persons listed, along with their addresses, including zip codes?
  • You may wish to get a waiver and consent form signed by each interested person.  Except for guardianships, getting these forms may make it easier to start your case. 
  • If you need help filling out the form, contact an attorney.     

How to Close a Wayne County Probate Case

Probate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Guardianship and Estates Ombudsman

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List of Court Approved Mediators

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Administrative Information


 Note:  The Court is prohibited by law (Sec. 1211 of the Estates and Protected Individuals Code [EPIC]) from providing legal advice and completing forms.  This website e-mail question feature is designed to provide general information and may be useful as a guide.  If you have additional questions, consider contacting an attorney for assistance.

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