Fee Waiver Request

Filing Procedures -
Fee Waiver Request

  1. When can fees be waived?:
  2. You may qualify for a fee waiver for any of the following reasons:

    - You receive public assistance due to indigency (means-tested public assistance - for example, Medicaid, SSI, Food Assistance through the State of Michigan; a full list is on the fee waiver form)

    - Your lawyer is part of a law school clinic or legal aid organization.

    - You may also request waiver of the fees if your gross household income is below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines or payment of the fees would constitute a financial hardship for you; the decision of whether to waive fees in that situation will be made by a judge.

    Note: By law, only filing fees can be waived. If you are appointed guardian, conservator, or personal representative there is a $12 fee for letters of authority that must be paid.

  3. Fill out the following forms:

  4. MC 20, Fee Waiver Request

    Important Note: You MUST use this form; you cannot draft your own document.

    - The form must be completed accurately and truthfully with the petitioner’s financial information (not the minor child’s/proposed ward’s).

    - If your request is denied, you will be required to pay the filing fee before a hearing will be scheduled on your petition.

  5. Submit this form with your petition.

  6. Click here to find out how you can file the form and your petition

  7. Hearing Date

    The hearing date will be scheduled after the fee is paid or waived. You will be sent notice of hearing information, including ZOOM instructions.

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