Self-Represented Litigants Seeking Legal Advice

Self-Represented Litigants Seeking Legal Advice

MCL 700.1211

Court personnel shall not provide or offer to provide legal advice or legal counsel to a fiduciary or an interested person and shall not complete a form, petition, or document for a fiduciary or interested person. This section does not prohibit the court from providing general information, blank forms, and information concerning the preparation of a form provided by the court.

Examples of frequently asked questions where Court Staff cannot give advice:

  • How do I create a will?
  • Can you give me the name of a good attorney?
  • What is the best way to get my relative’s house in my name?
  • As the father, how can I get my child back?
  • Can I file a probate case to claim unclaimed money that belonged to a deceased family member that I was guardian of?
  • Here’s my situation (fill in the blank), tell me what to do.
  • There is unclaimed money/property that belonged to a deceased family member, what do I do to receive the money/property?

Additional information for self-represented litigants:

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