Address Change - Updating Contact Information

Pursuant to MCR 1.109(D)(11), a party or attorney must file with the court and serve on other parties or attorneys written notice of a change in contact information that is needed for service under MCR 2.107(C) or MCR 1.109(G)(6)(a). Contact information includes name, physical address, mailing address, phone number, and when required email address.

The required form for this purpose is MC 541, Change in Contact Information for Service (

Use MC541 to update the court of all changes to contact information. Fiduciaries, including guardians and conservators, should use this form to promptly update the contact information for the ward.

Once completed, the MC541 and companion Proof of Service (pc564, ( must be submitted to the court for filing. This document can be submitted via email to the Records Department at

Rev. 2/2024