Copy Request

Certified or Exemplified Copy - $11 for the 1st page and $1 for each subsequent page per document,  pursuant to MCL 600.2546

Standard Copy - $2 per page, pursuant to Local Administrative Order 2020-02

A request by the public for staff to search for and provide a listing of a range of cases is considered New Records Creation. Staff may provide limited (up to 50 cases at one time) search results to the public for a fee of $10, pursuant to Local Administrative Order 2015-01

To obtain a copy of documents filed in the Wayne County Probate Court, please first review the case record on Case Access as most documents filed since 4/1/2022 are available online to the public at no cost.

If after reviewing Case Access you determine the image is not available or you need a certified or exemplified copy of the document(s), complete the Copy Request form (please make sure to include your email address) and submit it to the court according to the directions on the form. Please note, some documents are not accessible due to restrictions set by court rules and statute.

Once submitted, court staff will calculate the copy fee and notify you of the amount required to be paid.

Once your fee has been calculated, you may pay online via ePayment pdf or send a check or money order made payable to the Wayne County Probate Court with a copy of the form to:

Wayne County Probate Court
Attn: Records Dept.
Room 1307, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, Mich. 48226

After payment is made, the requested document(s), will be sent to you (normally via email).

Rev. 1/24