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An innovative court where there is complete confidence that all probate matters will be resolved with fairness & integrity.

Upcoming Court Closures Affecting Filing Hours:

July 25 - Records/Training Day
September 2 - Labor Day
October 14 - Columbus Day
October 24 - Records/Training Day

See: WCPC - Working Hours


NOTICE: (6/26/24) The SCAO form that is required for small estate administrations has changed and must be used for filings submitted after July 5, 2024. The link to the form on this website is to the most current form.

NOTICE: Pursuant to the recent amendment to MCR 5.302, as of January 1, 2024 when commencing a decedent estate and filing the death certificate or alternative documentation of the decedent's death, two copies must be submitted -- one unredacted, and the second redacted of all protected personal identifying information as required by MCR 1.109(D)(9) ("PPII"). Additionally, if a will that contains PPII is being filed when commencing a decedent estate, the filer must submit a copy of the will with all PPII redacted and the unredacted version.

Notice: WCPC has changed its policy relating to subsequent cases opened regarding the same individual or estate. The court will no longer use the same case number by adding a “B” or respective subsequent letter of the alphabet for cases later opened for the same individual/estate. Beginning July 17, 2023, each new subsequent case will receive its own distinct case number and no new “B” case numbers will be issued.

Wayne County Probate Court is a Remotely Accessible Court

Hearings are conducted remotely via ZOOM unless otherwise indicated by the Court. Please click here for information about attending hearings. The Wayne County Probate Court is physically accessible to the public via drop-box and for limited emergency in-person filings, general information and forms, and cashier services. All filings with the Court, except original wills, may be done electronically. Original wills may be securely submitted to the Court using the onsite drop-box (please enclose the original will in an envelope before placing it in the drop-box). Click on the ‘Filing’ tab above for information on how and where to file.

Filing Hours

  • The Wayne County Probate Court will only accept pleadings and documents for filing Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (the filing hours). Your email or fax must be received by the Court between these filing hours.
  • Filings will NOT be accepted in the evenings, on weekends, or on Court holidays.

Processing of Filing

Please be aware that the filing system at Wayne County Probate Court is a manual electronic process, as this Court is not yet a true “e-filing court”. After your filing has been processed, you will receive notice to pay any requisite fees. To make payment of fees and to check the status of your filing, see the Court’s website under Case Access; follow the instructions.

Hearing dates may not be scheduled and updated Letters may not be received for roughly one to three days after payment has been made.

Do not send emails asking for updates on your filing/hearing/requests until after three weeks have passed since the submission of your documents, as responding to the frequent inquiries slows our progress. Thank you for your patience.

Please continue to monitor our website for updates and other important information.

WCPC Information

Judges of Probate
  • Hon. Freddie G. Burton, Jr., Chief Judge
  • Hon. David Braxton, Chief Judge Pro Tempore
  • Hon. Judy A. Hartsfield
  • Hon. Frank S. Szymanski
  • Hon. Terrance A. Keith
  • Hon. Lawrence J. Paolucci
  • Hon. David A. Perkins
  • Hon. Michael J. McClory

Vision & Mission

WCPC Vision

An innovative court where there is complete confidence that all probate matters will be resolved with fairness & integrity.

We Care!

We are dedicated to handling all probate matters with C.A.R.E