How to Submit Your Non-Emergency Filings

To have your paperwork processed as quickly as possible and to avoid having to re-file your pleadings, please do the following:

  • Make sure all forms are signed and completely filled out.Review your documents for signatures and complete information.Also, make sure that all necessary forms are submitted.For more information on what is required, go to the website under Information – How to Start\Close a Wayne County Probate Case.
  • Failure to follow these directions will require you to resubmit your paperwork and cause a significant delay in the probate proceeding.

If you are filing an original Will (with an Application or Petition for Probate, or otherwise), you must mail it with your Application/Petition.The court cannot receive them separately.If your original Will was previously submitted or is on file with the court already, you may submit your Application/Petition by email or fax.

Important Note: Please do not send a copy of any Social Security card to the Court. We do not require it and cannot keep it in our records.

To submit your non-emergency filings by email or fax:

  1. Ensure that your court forms are complete.Review the articles in the Information tab above for specific case types. All court forms are available to download (opens in new window)here .
  2. Include the new SCAO form (opens in new window)MC 505 with your email contact information.The court uses this new form to communicate with you quickly rather than relying on mail service.*If you are an attorney, this form is not required; the court automatically pulls the email address on file for you from the State Bar of Michigan directory.
  3. Email: You must attach your filings to the email in one single PDF document. The court cannot accept a picture of the document.There are apps available to convert picture images to PDF.You must ensure the document is signed and then scanned or imaged to PDF format. Per MCR 1.109(E)(4)(a), the court can accept a typed signature in the following format: /s/your name. All paperwork must be complete and legible.
  4. Fax: you must submit one complete document in each fax transmission (do not send separate pages in separate transmissions). All paperwork must be complete and legible.
  5. Send to the correct email address or fax number depending on the type of filing. Department listing is available here: (opens in new window)Where/How Do I File Where/How Do I File
  6. You should monitor the status of your filing by going to (opens in new window)Case Access (header above) and searching the case number or name. Processing times are delayed as our limited staff adapts to these new procedures.Please do not send follow-up emails asking whether your document has been accepted; this just adds to the volume of material our staff must respond to and slows down our processing times.Once your filing is accepted, you will receive an email letter directing you to make the payment online.You do not need to email the court once payment is made.If you do not provide an email address, the letter will be mailed to you. Hearing dates will not be assigned until filings fees are paid.

To submit your filings by regular U.S. mail follow these Instructions:

  1. Please mail complete packets to:

    Probate Court
    1305 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
    2 Woodward Ave
    Detroit, MI 48226

  2. If a fee is required, please include a check or money order payable to Wayne County Probate Court. See the Fee Schedule
  3. The court cannot return courtesy “received stamped” copies by mail during this time; please do not include stamped return envelopes as they will be discarded.
  4. You may monitor your filing status under (opens in new window)Case Access . Please note that in addition to our delayed processing times, we have also been experiencing delays with the U.S. mail.We appreciate your patience.You may want to send your documents “return receipt requested” to monitor their progress.
  5. If you would like to receive documents by email, include form (opens in new window) MC 505 with your mailed packet.Your Notice of Hearing, updated Letters, or other return documents will be emailed to you rather than mailed.