Involuntary Mental Health Treatment - Petition

Filing Procedures -
Involuntary Mental Health Treatment – Petition


Important Note #1: For general information about getting help for someone who may need mental health treatment, call the Detroit-Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) at (313) 833-2500 or visit their website at

Important Note #2: If you are a member of the public, click here to find out how to obtain an order for examination\transport so a person can be taken by police to the hospital for a mental evaluation. A Petition for Mental Health Treatment is almost always filed by a hospital for a patient that is already at their facility.

  1. Fill out the following forms:
  2. i. PCM 201, Petition for Mental Health Treatment
    Note: Addresses of all interested persos must be listed on petition.
    - Make sure you check box 3 indicating why you believe the individual is a person requiring treatment. You can check one or more of the items – a, b, and\or c.
    - Make sure box 9 is checked stating the type of order requested – hospitalization, assisted outpatient treatment, or combined.
    ii. MC 97, Protected Personal Identifying Information
    iii. PCM 208, Clinical Certificate
    - One by a physician or licensed psychologist taken within the last 72 hours.
    - One by a psychiatrist taken within the last 72 hours.
    Note: No clinical certificate is required to be attached if only assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) is requested.
    Important Note: You MUST use these forms; you cannot draft your own document.

  3. File your petition via email to:

  4. Submit your completed documents to the Court in the following order (as one PDF):
  5. i. MC 97, Protected Personal Identifying Information
    ii.PCM 201, Petition for Mental Health Treatment
    iii. PCM 208, Clinical Certificate(s)
    There is NO Filing Fee

  6. Hearing\Notice\Assignment of Attorney\Deferral Conference

    i. Once your petition is processed you will be sent hearing information, including ZOOM instructions.
    ii. You must serve a copy of the petition and the hearing information on all the interested persons.
    iii. All hearings are being conducted by ZOOM.
    iv. You must attend the ZOOM hearing or your petition will be dismissed.
    v. Hearings are held within seven (7) days, excluding Sundays and holidays.
    vi. An attorney will be appointed for the patient.
    vii. The attorney will contact the facility to arrange for a deferral conference.

  7. After the Hearing

    If the Judge signs an Order for Mental Health Treatment the facility will receive a copy via email within three (3) business days.

    Click here for additional information on the entire involuntary mental health treatment process.

Rev. 2/22