Probate Court Forms


SCAO Approved Forms

*Affidavit of Physician or Psychologist (WCPC35)

*Attorney Request Change of Name, Address or Federal Tax ID (WCPC21)

*Copy Request (WCPC81)

*Fax Filing Cover Sheet (WCPC115)

*Fax Request to Review Files (WCPC29)

*Non-Attorney Change of Address (WCPC75)

*Objection to Petition for Appointment of Guardian or Conservator (WCPC260)

Ombudsman-Complaint Form

*Proof of Restricted Account and Annual Verification of Funds on Deposit (pc669)

*Report on Review of Guardianship of Individual with a Developmental Disability (wcpc2222)

*Report on Review of Guardianship of Legally Incapacitated Individual (PC636)

*Request for Approval of Bond and Notice Settlement/Judgment/Wrongful Death Settlement (MC95)

*Request to Review Files for Guardianship Reviews (wcpc31.pdf)

*Request for Suspension of Court Ordered Reimbursement of Attorney Fees (wcpc14.pdf)


Feedback Form

*Probate Estates & Trusts

*Guardian/ Conservator

*Mental Health

*Civil Mediator Application (mc281a.pdf)



*These files are provided in Adobe Acrobat Format (*.pdf), and must be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded from   If you need assistance in downloading the reader or accessing the files, please contact your internet service provider.


Rev. 7/05