Records Request

How can I access probate court records?    

You may go to the Court’s website,, and click on the “Case Access” tab.     


Transcript Requests

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I need a transcript to appeal? 

Yes. Written transcripts may be ordered by using the court-approved “Request for Transcript” form. Provide the form to the certified court reporter you select to prepare the transcript.

  1. Can I get a written transcript of a matter not appealed?

Yes. Written transcripts may be ordered by using the court-approved “Request for Transcript” form (see link below). Transcripts must be ordered in the Judge’s office or courtroom for the Judge where the court proceeding took place.


To Request a Transcript:


  1. Contact the Court Clerk for the Judge of Record:


Phone Number

Courtroom Number

Judge David A. Perkins

(313) 224-5676


Judge Freddie G. Burton, Jr.

(313) 224-5686


Judge Judy A. Hartsfield

(313) 224-6279


Judge Terrance A. Keith

(313) 224-5668 


Judge David Braxton

(313) 224-5681


Judge Lawrence J. Paolucci

(313) 224-5672 




  1. Complete the form “Request for and Receipt of Transcript”.


  1. Select a certified court reporter, who will assist you in obtaining a transcript from a digital videodisk:


Court Reporter

Phone Number

Sean Allen

(313) 224-7044 or 224-0415

Dave Cucinella (313) 833-3684

Angell Cyars

(313) 617-1844

Paulette Foster

(313) 729-2014

Reba Hooper

(313) 224-7370

Dona Wash

(313) 231-1090


You may obtain additional names of certified court reporters (CSR or CSMR) by accessing the Michigan Supreme Court’s website

Court reporters or records are entitled to demand and receive per page for a transcript ordered by any person the sum of $1.75 per original page and 30 cents per page for each copy, unless a lower rate is agreed upon.” MCL 600.2543; see also MCL 600.878.


  1. The selected certified court reporter must present the “Request For and Receipt of Transcript” form to the Judge of Record’s staff, and will work with the staff to obtain a video disk of the hearing.


Rev. 03/20